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  • General

    Non-scheduled classes in the first two weeks (topic: BIM)!

    Requirements briefly: 2 midterm tests: max. 35 point each (min. requirement 14 points each),  homework: max 20 pont, 3 short tests: max. 10 points (5 points each, the two bests count). Total available points: 100. Minimum requirement: 50 point total.

    To successfully complete the subject it is compulsory to attend at least 70% of the classes! (maximum 6  absence is allowed)!
    See details next in the announcements!
    1st midterm test (90 minutes)
    There will be 2 parts in the test. In the first  part 2 questions should be answered on paper from the BIM presentations, for 10 points. This part should be completed in maximum 20 minutes. In the second part problems should be solved using Matlab from the linear, nonlinear equations and regression topic for 25 points. In this part the use of written and electronic lecture notes are allowed. The minimum requirement  to pass the test is 14 points, from the total 35 points.

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  • Practice and Selected Bibliography

    For Matlab installation and for the use of the online tutorials you need a MathWorks Account, created with a university(bme) email address!

    Please practice Matlab solving the tasks of Matlab Onramp! (2-3 hours)
    For further parctice see the challenges of Matlab Cody!

    Selected Bibliography

    • Matlab install

      From the university network: http://net.bme.hu/sw/
      Instruction in hungarian.

      With MathWorks Account you can use matlab on-line without installation.

      • To create a BME email address

        Log in with your Neptun user ID and password: https://login.bme.hu/admin
        Choose 'Create a user ID for Microsoft Office 365' ('Felhasználónév beállítása a Microsoft Office 365 csomaghoz')
        Choose a user ID, and soon the next email address will be created: userid@edu.bme.hu
        Then you can log in here: https://portal.office.com. With this email you can register at MathWorks Account.

        • 1-2 weeks - BIM

          Building Information Modeling

          • September 6, Wednesday, from 16:00 to 18:00 in room Kf.88 and
          • September 13, Wednesday, from 16:00 to 18:00 in room Kf.88

          • Numerical methods

            • Data files

              • Matlab files

                • EN2 course