Téma ismertetése

  • General

    Non-scheduled classes in the first two weeks (topic: BIM)!

    Requirements briefly: 2 midterm tests: max. 35 point each (min. requirement 14 points each),  homework: max 20 pont, 3 short tests: max. 10 points (5 points each, the two bests count). Total available points: 100. Minimum requirement: 50 point total.

    To successfully complete the subject it is compulsory to attend at least 70% of the classes! (maximum 6  absence is allowed)!

    To install Matlab and use some online tutorials you need a MathWorks Account, created with a university(bme) email address!

    Please practice Matlab solving the tasks of Matlab Onramp! (2-3 hours)
    For further parctice see the challenges of Matlab Cody!
    See details next in the announcements!

    • Matlab install

      From the university network: http://net.bme.hu/sw/
      Instruction in hungarian.

      With MathWorks Account you can use matlab on-line without installation.

      • To create a BME email address

        Log in with your Neptun user ID and password: https://login.bme.hu/admin
        Choose 'Create a user ID for Microsoft Office 365' ('Felhasználónév beállítása a Microsoft Office 365 csomaghoz')
        Choose a user ID, and soon the next email address will be created: userid@edu.bme.hu
        Then you can log in here: https://portal.office.com. With this email you can register at MathWorks Account.

        • 1-2 weeks - BIM

          Building Information Modeling

          • September 6, Wednesday, from 16:00 to 18:00 in room Kf.88 and
          • September 13, Wednesday, from 16:00 to 18:00 in room Kf.88

          • Numerical methods